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Welcome to BienesRaicesCurridabat.com, another company by Tierra del Sol Real Estate Group. Our specialty is real estate in general on the East side of San Jose.

BienesRaicesCurridabat.com is here to cover our clients in different areas near Curridabat, such as Lomas de Ayarco Sur, Freses, Lomas de Ayarco Norte, Tres Rios, Granadilla, Guayabos, San Pedro, Sabanilla... among other locations. From our extensive listings of properties we offer apartments, condos, houses, lots, land, and others, both for sale and rent.

BienesRaicesCurridabat.com, belongs to the Tierra del Sol Real Estate Group which has extensive experience in real estate in Costa Rica.

The city of Curridabat is tone of the oldest towns of Costa Rica. A developing industrial zone, Curridabat is part of the great Metropolitan area, and one of the more rapidly growing real estate markets of the Central Valley in Costa Rica.

Availability of services is complete and its infrastructure is one of the best in the country.

Why is Curridabat a great place to live in?

- Year-round Spring-like climate

- Wide variety of malls, restaurants and shopping

- Excellent services and schools

- More laid-back atmosphere

- The residents of this city are mostly foreigners and expats

- Vibrant influence of Univ. of Costa Rica

- Cleaner air (being upwind of San Jose)

- Close to forest and countryside

- Short hop to downtown San Jose

Real estate in Costa Rica has diversified and in this city you can find some of the best projects around the Central Valley.

Looking for real estate in the area?

Check out our website or contact us to help you find that perfect place to call home in this beautiful upscale city.

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